New Year Wishes for a Peace-filled, Kinder, and Gentler World in 2012

This is a short and sweet post as the muse seems to have gone on holiday without me over the holidays.  Oh well, I guess muses deserve a holiday once in a whileFull Moon in Winter Sky (Photo by Susan Chambers).

In the mean time, here’s wishing my readers and friends a year filled with inner peace, joy, access to your inner knowing and meaningful activities that contribute to your purpose in life.

On a global level, I hope that 2012 will see a kinder, gentler, more generous and peace-filled world. I know the people in my family and social circles embody these traits and share them with the rest of the world, and it’s inspiring to be around.  Thank you!

What do you wish for yourself and the world in 2012? How will you be part of the change you want to see?

On a parting note, I want to share the following links with you about two inspiring souls in the San Francisco Bay area who epitomize gentleness and generosity (A hat tip to my good friend R for sending me these links):

The first story is about a “rebel” whose cause is loving kindness, published in the e-newsletter Daily Good by an organization called ServiceSpace.

The second story is about a young philanthropist, Nipun Mehta, who started a restaurant, Karma Kitchen, based on a gift economy and that consistently demonstrates people’s generosity and willingness to pay it forward.

All the best for an inspired and enlightened January.

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