About Sage Wit

About the blog

Does this sound like you?

  • You would love to help bring about a more socially just and environmentally sustainable world, but the issues seem overwhelming  and you just don’t know where to start or what actions you could take that would make a difference.
  • You’d like to be able to think more independently and back up your statements with credible information, but you need to strengthen your critical thinking skills.

Welcome to Sage Wit.  This blog  seeks to bring the qualities of wisdom, discernment, perception and occasionally some wit and irony to a variety of  topics, ranging from writing and personal development to many of the social and environmental challenges we face–or sometimes try to deny–these days.

Facilitating connections between people and sharing ideas is an important part of the bigger picture.  I encourage and  invite you, dear readers, to share your observations and insights  and take away the ideas that work for you.  Please give credit where it’s due and cite the authors and sources of those ideas. Thanks!

It’s always good to”praxis what’s been preached” so, whenever possible, the articles posted on the blog will include some suggestions for specific actions we can take or commit to that make a positive difference in the world–if only for one person or one little corner of the globe.

About Me

My purpose in my work and in my life is to encourage and empower others to bring about positive social changes in the world. I do this through my writing and communications skills, talent for identifying and explaining information patterns and my desire to help connect people through ideas.   The path I have chosen for myself and how I collaborate with others is one of humanism, empathy,  balance,  a quirky sense of humour, and an attentiveness to wellness at the personal and global level.

My passion is using my research, writing, and editing skills to inform and inspire people to create positive changes, equality, wellness and balance at the individual, community, or global level.

I have an M.A. in Criminology, 20+ years of  social science research experience, and a talent for working collaboratively with others to help them produce written documents that speak their truth in crystal clear prose.

Need a hand with an editing or research project? Check out my web site and find out how I can help you.