Principal Consultant: Susan D. Chambers, M.A.

About Susan
Empower your message with clarity. Strengthen your statements with facts. Communicate your values with confidence.

Could you benefit from some help with your information gathering projects?
If you have ever spent time designing a customer satisfaction survey or collecting information to help you make a better planning decision, only to discover after investing a lot of time and effort that
then you know how frustrating it is to have poured a lot of time and energy into a research project, only to discover the results aren't at all helpful. Gathering, organizing, and interpreting good information and data takes time and know-how, yet far too often these projects don't get the time, attention, or expertise needed to do the job well.

Whether you need help:
SAGE Editing & Research Services will work with you to accurately identify your information needs and solve your research challenges. Drawing on over 20 years of professional research experienceI can help you:

Select the best methodology for your project
Ask the right questions
Gather and analyze the data, and
Edit and write a final report

I'll help you and then show you how to:

Contact me for a half-hour consultation to discuss your research project. To learn more about the various options you have for working with me, check out the  Services and Fees page.

My Research Philosophy and Ethics
I approach all research projects from a humanist perspective. What does that mean in practice? It means:
Please note that I do not take on research projects for undergraduate or graduate students.


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