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Services & Fees
Empower your message with clarity. Strengthen your statements with facts. Communicate your values with confidence.

Getting Started
Because every project is different, I work with my clients to identify the services that will most effectively meet their needs in terms of budget, project scope, and timeline.  To facilitate this process, I offer a free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes for all projects. Complete the form on the contact page and provide me with a brief outline of your project, along with the best time to set up a phone or skype meeting for the consultation, and I will get back to within 24 hours.

Note: For editing projects, the consultation is based on reading up to four pages (approximately 1,000 words) of the manuscript and a telephone or skype meeting to discuss the client's needs, intended audience,  preferred spelling (Canadian or US) and choice of style manual, and the timeline for the project.

Editing Services
Whether it's a short article, a brochure, a blog post, or a full-length manuscript or report, I'll have your documents edited, free of errors, and returned to you by your deadline.

Timelines and fees vary by project and the type of service requested. Typically, for straightforward editing projects, the estimated timeline and total cost is based on a consideration of the page count, the intensity of editing required (based on the four-page sample provided as part of the consultation) and the time required to edit the project, and the client's deadline. I provide an estimate for the project based on an hourly fee. For a description of the different types of editing, go to the editing page.

The fee for proofreading services is $45/hour
The fee for stylistic or copy editing services is $50/hour.
The fee for structural editing services is $60/hour.
The fee for fact checking is $60/hour.
The fee for substantive editing (which includes structural, stylistic, and copy editing) is $75/hour

I am happy to work with editing clients to help reduce their proofreading and copy editing costs to a price-point that is fair for both parties concerned. Check out the specials listed below as a starting point.

Editing Packages and Specials
Graduate Students
I offer graduate students who are not employed full time a small discount on copy editing and proofreading services. Editing services provided will be in accordance with the university's--or thesis supervisor's guidelines on hiring professional editors. (Please note that in the interests of intellectual honesty, I do not write or make substantive changes to students' papers, nor do I conduct research for student papers.)

Business Proofreading and Copy Editing
I offer a flat fee of $20 for proofreading short documents (maximum 5 pages) in a hurry. Send the Word file by 11 a.m. (Pacific time), and clients will get the proofread version back by 1:30 p.m. (Pacific time). Send it after 1:30 p.m. and the file will be proofread and returned by 8:30 a.m. (Pacific time) the following day.

The usual fee for editing reports, blogs, or other documents on a one-off basis is $50/hour for copy or stylistic editing. Entrepreneurs and bloggers who are prolific writers but reluctant editors will benefit by retaining my  editing services on a monthly basis, starting at $297/month for eight hours of editing per month. Pay $792 for three months at a time and save $33 a month.

Research and Consulting Services
SAGE Editing & Research Services offers a variety of research and consulting services to help clients more effectively identify and meet their information gathering and data tracking needs. SAGE Editing & Research Services also works with socially conscious microentrepreneurs who are ready to align their business practices with their values and need some help deciding where and how to start.

I offer both a research option (I design and conduct the study for you) and a consulting option (I provide feedback or guidance on a project--e.g., reviewing a survey you've designed in-house, helping you select a feasible methodology for your study--but the project is executed by your staff.)

Research & Consulting Fees
Research work                                     $100/hour
Consulting Services                              $135 for the first two hours, then $90/hour

How I work
S.D. Chambers' SAGE Editing and Research Services is committed to delivering reliable, high quality work on time and at reasonable rates.  I balance efficiency, reliability, and attentiveness to details with effective interpersonal communications based on the principles of empathy, respect, inclusiveness and collaboration.

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