Principal Consultant: Susan D. Chambers, M.A.

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Empower your message with clarity. Strengthen your statements with facts. Communicate your values with confidence.

Selected Projects

Editing and Proofreading Projects
Independent Authors
Hi-Lo travel: Rio de Janeiro, by Gleyse de Franco (Potiguara Press, Inc., 2015)
Copy editing and proofreading

Let the Fire Burn: Nurturing the Creative Spirit of Children
by Vince Gowmon (Self-published, 2014)
Copy editing

Honouring All Forms of Intelligence on Planet Earth,
by S. Matter (Self-published, 2014)
Copy editing, formatting, copy writing

Streaky the Comet, Book One: Streaky Goes to the Pleaides
, by S. Matter (Self-published, 2013)
Copy editing, formatting, copy writing

Decoding the Butterfly Promise. Regaining Our Feminine Power and Returning to Wholeness
, by Gail Siler, Ph.D. (Self-published, 2012)
Structural and copy editing

Tommy Transit's Bus Tales. How to Change the World from 9 to 5
, by T. Tompkins and M. Hall (What Works! Media, 2012)
Copy editing

Governing the world, the ethical imperative
, by Martin De Waele, Ph.D. (Trafford Publishing, 2010)
Substantive and copy editing, fact checking

Publishers and Corporate Clients
Polished Publishing Group, Calgary, AB (2012 - present)
Copy editing (multiple nonfiction and fiction projects)
Proofreading (multiple nonfiction projects)

TWI Surveys Inc.
, Delta, BC (2011 - 2013)
Copy editing and proofreading business reports and other written communications

Consulting and Research Projects
Contract-based researcher, BC Society for Transition Houses (2015 - 2016)
Researched and wrote a comprehensive literature review on yoga as a promising practice for treating post-traumatic stress; researched and prepared an environmental scan on trauma-informed care and trauma sensitive yoga practices offered at diverse organizations nationally and internationally; compiled a summary table of research instruments used in published studies on the treatment efficacy of yoga and mindfulness practices for post-traumatic stress

Co-chair, Communications and Marketing Committee, Editors Canada
(2015 - 2019)
Design and manage online survey projects; collaborate with national and branch-level committees to support them identify and execute their communications and marketing goals and strategies; facilitate communications between national office and regional branches/twigs

Chair, Member Communications Committee, Editors' Association of Canada
(2012 - 2015)
Design and administer online survey projects (e.g., general membership surveys, feedback surveys on specific topics) to collect and interpret information to support planning and decision-making activities within the organization; track ongoing and emerging discussion themes on various communications platforms to facilitate greater responsiveness to members' interests and concerns

Contract-based Consultant, Demonstrating Value Initiative
(2011 - 2012)
Guided social enterprises through the process of using the Demonstrating Value framework (developed by the Vancity Community Foundation) to (1) define what they want to know and show about their social/environmental impact and business performance; (2) identify outcomes indicators that measure what clients want to know and develop a feasible system for tracking and analyzing data; and (3) create a performance snapshot that effectively communicates clients' value and social impact successes to diverse audiences

Research Consultant, Be the Change Earth Alliance, Vancouver
(Volunteer project, 2010)
Identifed and collated research on the effectiveness of peer groups and public accountability in facilitating long term behavioral changes aligned with community engagement and environmental stewardship; synthesized the research into a literature review that substantiated the organization's change model (providing resources for citizens to create Action Circles of 8 - 10 people who provide mutual support and accountability)

Writing Projects
Member Spotlight Interviews, SWAN (Smart Women Always Network) Newsletter
Each month, different members of the organization are interviewed for the monthly e-newsletter. Interview notes are transformed into short articles that highlight the unique qualities and features of the members and their businesses, respectively.

"Greening Your Microbusiness' Environmental Footprint When You're on a Micro-budget." Guest post for Greening Vancouver, August 2013.
This post offers a few guidelines for microbusiness owners who would like to green their business without going broke or getting stuck in "indecision paralysis" because they don't know where to start.

Small Business, Big Change: A Microentrepreneur's Guide to Social Responsibility
(2012, Night Owls Press)
This book is for solopreneurs, small and microbusiness owners who have always wanted to bring about social change through their business but thought they were "too small" to make a difference. Whether the reader is a microentrepreneur in start-up mode or wants to transform her or his existing business into a socially responsible company, this "how to" book draws on both primary and secondary research to guide microentrepreneurs through the steps of assessing   
their S-R (social responsibility) readiness, identifying and setting affordable and achievable S-R goals, and creating an easy system for tracking their successes.
Learn more about the book and download a free sample chapter

Sage Wit: Inspiration and encouragement for changing the world through your words or your deeds. (2010 - present)
An eclectic assortment of posts, the blog reflects a desire to help create a more socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling presence on the planet. The blog explores
ideas and issues related to these themes and provides readers with small, manageable actions that contribute to big changes.

"The Seven Deadly Sins of Survey Design." Guest post for Annabel Candy's blog,
Get in the Hot Spot
(October 2010)
This post identifies and provides solutions to seven often-made survey question design errors that result in bad (unusable) data and wasted time.

Be the Change Earth Alliance Action Guide 3rd Edition
(Be the Change Earth Alliance, Volunteer project)
Wrote concise statements summarizing each of the 60+ major intentions identified in the third edition of the Action Guide; edited the second edition of the Action Guide.

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