Principal Consultant: Susan D. Chambers, M.A.

Empower your message with clarity. Strengthen your statements with facts. Communicate your values with confidence.

Wondering what it's like to work with me? Here's what others have to say about their experiences working with me:

"Susan's proficiency at researching and verifying sources of information and tailoring them into a usable format for the course we taught helped to make it an inspirational and enriching experience for individuals in the course. Her willingness to go the extra mile with her organizational abilities and reliability also made preparing for meetings and other activities an enjoyable and productive process. Her skills, authenticity, personal warmth, respectful and supportive approach to providing feedback, and her dedication to following through on commitments have earned my trust over the years. I would have no hesitations in happily working with her again or recommending her to others."
Shoshana Allice, MA, CPCC

"Do you need an editor that will listen to what you need and help you accomplish it? Susan Chambers does this perfectly. I would hire Susan for any writing project you may have."
Karl Staib, Career Strategist

"When Sue connected with us last year and offered to volunteer her research and editing skills to the Be The Change Earth Alliance, we handed her the Action Guide introductions to update and revise. Sue read through each of the values and intentions, quietly and tactfully making any necessary edits.  She took the time to write a thoughtful, informative and approachable introduction for each of the 48 intentions, highlighting the importance of choosing to adopt some of the specific behaviours aligned with the intentions. Sue also went above and beyond what we required of her to research and add additional resources and information to the Action Guide. We know that whatever projects we give to Sue, she will bring her enthusiasm and commitment to great work to them."
Maureen Jack-Lacroix, Founding Director, Be The Change Earth Alliance,

"Sue doesn't just read and edit the work; she immerses herself in the essence of the book's topic. She has strong research skills and seems to thrive on learning as much about the topic as she can in her attempt to be of service both to me and the topic of the book."
 Gail Siler, Ph.D., Author

"Susan is any author's dream of what an ideal editor should be like. She tactfully provided insightful and practical feedback on both style and content as she read through every detail of the book.  She has the rare gift of being able to put herself in both the mind of the reader and the author to come up with sentences that are both clear to the reader and consistent with the author's intent."
Martin De Waele, Ph.D., Author

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