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Social Responsibility for Microbusinesses
In 2012, I wrote a book just for microentrepreneurs and small business owners who aspire to make a difference in the world through their business practices and everyday work. Small Business, Big Change: A Microentrepreneur's Guide to Social Responsibility is one of the first books developed just for solopreneurs and microentrepreneurs who need encouragement, strategies, and practical suggestions tailored to their concerns and available resources.

To download a free sample chapter of the book or order a copy of the book (available as an eBook or paperback), visit Night Owls Press. If you live in the Metro Vancouver area in BC, copies of the book are available at select locations in Vancouver.

Need more guidance and one-to-one support than a book can offer? I currently offer two consulting packages to guide microentrepreneurs and small business owners through the process of figuring out how to align their business practice with their socially responsible values, and then learning how to track their social impact and show how they're making a difference in the world.

Getting Started: The Basics (Value: $400)
You care about creating a more socially just, economically and environmentally sustainable world. You would also like your business practices to reflect those values--and you have no idea how or where to start. If turning your vision of a socially responsible business into reality has failed to take flight because you feel
I can help you get your project started again. Getting Started: The Basics will guide you through several short assessments and exercises that will provide you with the the most important information you need to make good decisions about where to start. The package also includes a one-hour meeting to discuss the assessments and identify some goals and strategies, a written report, and a follow up call. Get the basics down right, and get your project moving forward at a scale and pace that is
Ready to learn how to grow your value and values by taking small steps and sustaining both your enthusiasm and your business over the long term? Contact me to set up a half-hour free consultation.

Going Metric: Measuring Your Impact (Value: $600)
Perhaps you already have some socially responsible business practices in place and you're fairly confident you're making a difference. What you're not so confident about is how to track your impact so you can strengthen your statements with accurate facts.
If tracking your impact metrics feels daunting, I can help you get tracking. The Going Metric package will help you get started with tracking your impact. The package includes:

Ready to learn how to use some simple yet effective methods for tracking your social impact data? Contact me to set up a half-hour free consultation, and you'll soon be able to show, not just tell, how you're making a difference.

Purchase the packages individually, or buy both packages for $750 and save $200!

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