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Editing Services
Have you ever wished you could hand off your written materials to someone who will thoughtfully and thoroughly polish your prose, check your facts, and make sure that you still sound like you at the end of the editing process? If so, your wish is about to come true.

Whether you find it challenging to organize your ideas into a coherent and compelling narrative, or you struggle to edit or proofread your own work, Sage Editing & Research Services will work with you make sure that your written communications are:

Stylistically correct for your intended audience
Accurate and error-free
Grammatically correct
Engaging and clear

It's as easy as contacting me to set up a free half-hour initial consultation. Whether your project is creative or informational in nature, together we'll design a package of services that meets your editing needs.

At SAGE Editing & Research Services, I provide a variety of editing packages, tailored to clients' projects and needs. I offer a broad range of editing and related services, including:

Proofreading: For all types of documents, typographical , punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors are corrected. For hard copy proofs of book manuscripts, the front and back matter, headers and footers, and margins (both for the covers and interior matter) are also checked.

Copy editing: All typographical, punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors are corrected. In addition, inconsistencies and missing details are identified and noted; suggestions for alternate word choices, improving sentence or paragraph structure are offered; and transitions between paragraphs are provided. (Note: Copy editing services for graduate students will comply with university guidelines and/or directions provided by the student's thesis supervisor.)   

Stylistic editing: The document is reviewed to ensure the grammar, spelling and referencing are consistent with the style guide of choice (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style, APA, The Canadian Style), redundancies or missing details are identified and corrected, and the word choice is appropriate for the intended audience. This level of editing also includes everything covered by copy editing.

Structural editing: The document is checked to ensure the overall organization of the narrative follows a logical sequence and the content is suffiiciently developed and explained. With the author's permission, material may reorganized and transitions between paragraphs and sections may be written or revised to enhance the organizaton and flow of the document. In addition, this level of editing includes everything covered by stylistic editing.

Fact checking: This service ensures that facts and sources cited in your document are accurate, credible, and up-to-date.

Research: Need some historical or setting-related details for your novel, or some credible and reliable facts or data to back the claims in your nonfiction writing project, but not sure where to start your search? Delegate the fact-finding mission to SAGE Editing & Research Services so you can stay focused on the writing.

Susan is any author's dream of what an ideal editor should be. She tactfully provided insightful and practical feedback on both style and content as she read through every detail of the book. She has the rare gift of being able to put herself in both the mind of the reader and the author to come up with sentences that are both clear to the reader and consistent with the author's intent. Martin De Waele, Ph.D., Author of Governing the World: the ethical imperative (2010).
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My Editing Philosophy
As a writer, I understand how difficult it is for other writers to step back from and edit their own work. At the same time, I fully appreciate the ambivalence about releasing one's creative work to an editor for feedback or polishing.  You might be anxiously wondering, "Will the text come back covered in red ink?  Will the narrative still reflect my authentic voice and the truth(s) I want to share with my readers?

The answers to these questions are, respectively:

It depends. Using the track changes function in Word, I can use any colour you like to mark up the text. Having said that, I do recommend that you choose a colour that contrasts with both a white background and black font.

Yes. I promise that when I'm finished with your project, your authenticity and the power of your story will shine through a crystal clear, flowing narrative.

I choose to frame the editing process as a collaborative interaction with the author. We are on the same team, working toward the same goal: to produce a document that clearly speaks the author's truth and that captures the reader's attention with crisp, compelling writing.

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