Principal Consultant: Susan D. Chambers, M.A.
Empower your message with clarity. Strengthen your statements with facts. Communicate your values with confidence.

The Professional: What I do and how I do it
As an editor, research consultant, and published author with a penchant and long-standing talent for organizing ideas and numbers into coherent, reader-friendly narratives, I excel at helping clients organize their ideas into reader-friendly documents or manuscripts that are error-free and-especially important for nonfiction material- factually correct. More specifically,
I help clients empower their message with clarity, strengthen their statements with facts, and communicate their values to the world.

The research and editing "superpowers" that I use to solve clients' word-crafting woes and information-gathering headaches are drawn from a combination of (1) demonstrable skills and knowledge acquired over many years of learning and hands-on work and (2) a cluster of innate strengths and traits that not only help me to identify patterns and themes (whether in a story or a data set) and interpret them for clients, but also shape how I work with clients-namely, from a place of empathy, respect and inclusiveness.

My professional experience and credentials include:

The Personal: How I recharge and stay sane
I'm curious and an eternal student by nature, so there is a bit of overlap between my professional and leisure time activities.  I am an avid reader of fiction and nonfiction. I also research and write about the subjects that fascinate me (the creative process and overcoming writer's block) and the issues that I care about deeply (social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, socially responsible business, and connecting with one's inner wisdom to create a more purposeful life) on my blog Sage Wit.

When I'm not writing or working on a project, I spend time with my cats and the people in my life, go out for walks and appreciate the abundance of parks and walking trails in the Vancouver area, cook (I'm especially partial to Indian cuisine and anything that includes chocolate in the list of ingredients), stay connected with my purpose through my What's Your Tree "grove", and volunteer my time and skills with organizations and projects that reflect my professional and personal interests. I have volunteered with organizations such as Oxfam Canada, Be the Change Earth Alliance and SPUD Patrol.

I am a member of LOCO BC (an organization that is crazy about supporting locally owned businesses in BC) and Editors Canada. Ironically, I spend much of my Editors Canada volunteer time managing survey studies (i.e., doing research) for the association. I am also the co-host of a Just Write meet-up group in North Vancouver.

If you are also passionate about creating a positive difference in the world, connect with me on my blog, or contact me if you would like me to help you empower your message with clarity, strengthen your statements with facts, and communicate your values to the world through your writing or research project.

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